Nottoway County’s budget (fiscal) year begins July 1 and ends the following June 30.

The County Administrator begins county budget preparation. At that time, information is collected from the various county departments concerning their budget needs for the upcoming fiscal year. The County Administrator also collects information from other sources to determine potential revenue for the new fiscal year, such as new home construction values from the Commissioner of the Revenue.

The County Administrator compares these two totals (potential expenses and potential revenues) to determine their balance and presents a draft budget document to the Board of Supervisors at a worksession. All board members are free to suggest amendments or changes to the recommended budget.

Then, the board will hold a public hearing so that all citizens can voice their opinion on the proposed budget. The Board of Supervisors may still make amendments to the budget if necessary. If none are needed, the board will approve the budget no earlier than seven days after the public hearing.