Building Permit Checklist

1If your project is in the town limits of Blackstone, Burkeville or Crewe, you must obtain a Zoning Permit from that locality and submit the approval to the county to apply for a building permit.  (This applies to ALL jobs that need a Building Permit.)

New Dwelling Construction (stick built, modular, doublewide, or singlewide) on a county parcel requires a Zoning Permit from the County and Health Department approval.  The Septic/Zoning Permit from the County is $30.00.  You will take your Zoning Permit to the Nottoway County Health Department to apply for well and septic.  Health Department approval is required prior to a Building Permit being issued.

Later Additions, Garages, Decks, Sheds, Pools, etc. require Zoning Permits from the County and will be submitted to the Health Department for approval prior to receiving a Building Permit.

Zoning Permits are not required on county parcels for Renovation, Electrical, Gas, HVAC, Generator, Demolition, Plumbing, Asbestos Remediation, or Tank Removal Permits.

Items Needed for Building Permit:

2 Sets of structural plans to include but not limited to footing/foundation design, exterior wall design, electrical with lighting fixtures and receptacles ; HVAC design (HVAC design does not apply to manufactured or modular homes). These can be dropped off when you apply for the Zoning Permit.

Approved Zoning Permit (County Administration Office)

Approved Septic Permit (Nottoway County Health Department)

Completed Building Permit Application  
Inspections Required:

Erosion & Sediment
Block/Anchor/Strap – Manufactured homes
Marriage Wall – Manufactured homes 
Rough Electric
Rough Plumbing
HVAC – including 3rd party duct leak check, if required
Permanent Electric
Final Erosion & Sediment (grading, seeding & mulching) 
Final Approval from the Health Department
Final -including 3rd party blower door test, if required
Certificate of Occupancy

Inspections are scheduled through the County Administration Office (434-645-8696)
Contractor Information:

The Board of Contractors requires that all contractors doing $1,000.00 worth of work or more be licensed by the State of Virginia.  There are three categories of license:

  • Class A – Single job of $120,000 or more
  • Class B – Single job of more than $10,000 but less than $120,000
  • Class C – Single job more than $1,000 but less than $10,000
The State also requires that any person who does plumbing, plumbing gas-fitting, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), HVAC gas-fitting, or electrical must be certified under the Tradesman Certification Program.  There is a separate card issued for these people.

The County is charges with the responsibility of verifying that the contractors and tradesmen are licensed and certified prior to issuing any building permits.
Please provide the County with the Contractor’s complete name as listed on his license along with their full license number. (This needs to be on the Building Permit Application.)

Building Permits are good for six (6) months.  Once an inspection is done, it extends the permit for another six (6) months.  All permits require a Final Inspection.  Permits that have not had inspections in six (6) months will be closed and another permit will be required to finish the project.  Permits are generally limited to a total of 36 months, other than manufactured homes, which are limited to 18 months.

Cost of permits depends upon the type and size of project you have planned.

Zoning Set Backs

Minimum setbacks 
100 Feet from the front lot line  
50 Feet to each side lot line
70 Feet to the rear lot line
Minimum setbacks
100 Feet from the front lot line
50 Feet to each side lot line
70 Feet to the rear lot line
Urban Residential (Town Water & Sewer) 
Minimum setbacks 
35 Feet from the front lot line
15 Feet from the side lot lines 
25 Feet from rear lot line
Rural Residential
Minimum setbacks
75 Feet from the front lot line
15 Feet from the side lot lines
35 Feet from the rear lot line

For Questions or Concerns, please Call the Building Permit Office at 434-645-8696
Building Official:  Nicholas Bowles
Building Permit Tech:  Melissa Mohn
Building Permit Tech:  Andrea Kelly
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 92, Nottoway, VA  23955
Physical Address:  344 W. Courthouse Road, Crewe, VA  23930
Telephone:  434-645-8696    Fax:  434-6458667