Historic Areas

burkes-tavernNottoway County has four historic buildings on the Virginia and National Registers of Historic Places. They are the Nottoway County Courthouse, Schwartz Tavern, Burke’s Tavern, and Oakridge. In addition, Blackstone offers a walking tour of many of its historic buildings. A recent county wide comprehensive historical survey has documented over 100 significant dwellings and structures.

There is a wealth of Civil War history nearby. The Tour of Lee’s Retreat, a nationally acclaimed regional project following General Lee’s last march, has several stops in Nottoway.

Nottoway County Historical Society

For more information about historic sites in Nottoway County, and information about joining the Nottoway County Historical Society visit www.nottowaycountyhistoricalassociation.com

Museums/Place of Interest

The Nottoway region has welcomed travelers since Colonial times. Today, you can enjoy a vivid glimpse of the area’s cultural & transportation heritage through an assortment of unique historic sites—all open to you free of charge.