414 Tyler Street
Crewe, Virginia 23930
(434) 538-0495
(434) 645-8688 Fax

The Nottoway County library system has three public libraries. They are the Louis Spencer Epes Memorial Library in Blackstone, Crewe Community Library, and the Burkeville Library. They are guided by the Library Board and the Library Director, who oversees the day-to-day operation of the library system. The administrative office is located in the Crewe library.

The three libraries contain approximately 30,000 books and have nearly 11,000 registered borrowers.

Each library has its own hours of operation. Please call the library of your choice prior to your visit. The telephone numbers and addresses are as follows:

Blackstone Library

415 South Main Street
Blackstone, Virginia 23824
(434) 292-3587
(434) 292-3587 Fax

Burkeville Library

114 Agnew Street
Burkeville, Virginia 23922
(434) 767-5555 (phone/fax)

Crewe Library

400 Tyler Street
Crewe, Virginia 23930
(434) 645-8688
(434) 645-8688 Fax

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Loan Periods

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Literacy Project

Phone: (434) 645-9594

The Nottoway County Literacy Project offers adults (age 18 and over) assistance in improving their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Individual tutoring is available, and the service is confidential and free of charge.

A tutor certification program is available for those wishing to participate in the project’s worthwhile mission.

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