Health Department

207 West Courthouse Road
P.O. Box 27
Nottoway, Virginia 23955
(434) 645-7595
(434) 645-8197 Fax

The Nottoway County Health Department provides many services to eligible county citizens.


A special supplemental food program for women, infants, and children. It provides nutrition education and checks for free nutritious food to eligible participants.


Prenatal care is available.

Pediatric Services

Assessment of the health needs of both children and their families, such as routine checkups and some minor illnesses.

Family Planning Services

This program aims to improve a woman’s general health so that she can conceive and deliver a healthy baby. It includes consulting on such subjects as abstinence, contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases as well as topics on unintended pregnancy, cancer, smoking, drugs, violence, and poor nutrition.

Environmental Health Services

The Health Department is responsible for such diverse matters as rabies protection, food service operations, on-site sewage disposal, wells and water quality, migrant labor camps, lead poisoning, and environmental complaints.

Immunization Services

The Health Department provides immunizations for infants, children, and adolescents to prevent illnesses such as diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, Hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox.

Vital Statistics Services

The death records of all who died in Nottoway County are kept in the Health Department. Local records extend back to 1963.

Communicable Disease Services

The Health Department investigates any communicable health problem that poses a threat to the public health. It then takes all possible steps to prevent its spread and treat those infected.

Prevention and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

The Health Department plays a critical role in the prevention and control of STDs including HIV disease and AIDS. It provides screening services, education and consulting, treatment, and referral services.